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Lee Meredith is a photographer in Portland, Oregon, among many other things. (See the home base to find those other things.) As seen in this portfolio, her work ranges from commercial informal portraits, to a wide array of art photography, making use of unconventional cameras and image-making techniques.

Lee has done portrait work for music magazines and city weeklies, record label press shots, headshots, and websites. She specializes in natural lighting and unique location shooting, and has been praised for her ability to capture personality and an intimacy with her subjects.

For her art work, Lee has experimented at length with new concepts, using a variety of unique cameras, different developing and scanning methods, and combining new film with old cameras. Her subjects include bits of cities and towns often overlooked; Lee searches for hidden pockets of beauty in the often under-appreciated world. While much of this work is more focused on technique and not so much on subject, her best pieces create a conversation between the two.

In addition to portraiture and experimental art photography, Lee shoots plenty of inanimate subject matter with more traditional cameras, often using a wide lens, or an extremely narrow depth of field, to bring a more unique perspective to the frame.

Lee's older online portfolio can be found at; here you will also find studio art, graphic/web design, and videos, as well as a complete listing of most of her cameras.

Find photo prints for sale within Lee's leethal shop at

This website was created by Lee Meredith, all content and design copyright protected - don't use any photos here without asking permission first. Email leemeredith at gmail dot com.